BLE Skatetime School Program

BLE Skatetime School Program
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Beginning on April 15, our Physical Education classes will be participating in an inhouse skating program. The skates will be delivered directly to the school. Due to insurance purposes, we will be exclusively using Skatetime School Programs® skates. This skating unit is being implemented because of its emphasis as a “Lifetime Activity”. Skating provides a variety of benefits, which include balance, coordination, motor skills, and a top rated cardio-respiratory workout. Students will also learn basic skating skills such as starting, stopping, forward skating, backward skating, cornering, and a number of safety tips for being a smart skater. 

The fee for this unit will be $11 for quad skates per student. The fee includes delivery and pickup of the equipment as well as use of the skates for 3 weeks of skating during normal P.E. Class. 

Please have your student return their permission slip no later than March 22. 

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