North-Band Instrument Rental

North-Band Instrument Rental
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Rental Agreement

The use of school instruments is subject to the following conditions:

  • My student will be responsible for the safety and normal maintenance of this instrument.
  • My student will safely store this instrument in its assigned place at school.
  • My student will return this instrument to the director when or if called for (in the event of a withdrawal, the borrower has 24 hours to produce the instrument).
  • My student will return the instrument in the same condition as when it was received and I will be responsible for loss, fire or theft except as covered by insurance.
  • Repair costs due to damage or negligence on the part of the student are the responsibility of the student. When necessary, instrument repair technicians will determine the cost to the student.


  • Winds/Strings: $100 for the first instrument; $110 for an instrument to use at school and an instrument to keep at home.
  • Mellophones and Sousaphones for pep band would be an additional $45.
  • Percussion: $75 for all percussionists (South Campus only- this money will go to replace mallets, drum heads and other auxiliary equipment). 6 th -12th grade percussionists can waive this fee if a complete stick bag is maintained - approval from Band director required.. Complete stick bag for 9th- 12th includes: Medium hard rubber mallets,, Medium Hard Yarn Mallets, Staccato Timpani Mallets, 5B drum sticks, Brushes
  • Jazz Piano, Bass & Guitar: $50 (this money will go to replace strings, amps/amp cords & tune pianos)

Sunrise Yearbook
Price: $20.00